Journey to a smallholding is a blog about exactly that. I have a dream of becoming  a smallholder, and whilst that might be a million years off, I am starting small in my back garden, and dreaming big. This blog will follow me on my journey and hopefully provide info to anyone else looking to do the same thing.

I live in Dorset, a beautiful county with plenty of countryside. I consider myself very lucky. However, although surrounded by land, it could be a lot more difficult to buy the dream smallholding as prices are high. We’ll see. In the mean time, I’ll keep buying lottery tickets and cramming as much as I can in my back garden!

At the time of starting this blog (Feb 2016), I have just turned 28. I’d like to be in my 30’s when the dream comes true, but the reality may be fairly different. I have a detached bungalow with an ok sized back garden, a cat and 3 chickens. I’m getting married this year too, so better mention the other half!