Wow. Where has the year gone?! It’s been several months since my last article.

Summer arrived and has nearly left us already. Weather-wise it’s been one of the hottest years on record, with people comparing it to the summer of 76. I’m too young to remember that, but I can tell you the summer of 18 has been sweltering! Unfortunately, this has meant the garden has been suffering.

The lawn went completely yellow, the veg hasn’t grown as well as last year, several plants have died and I’ve emptied the water butt completely, on more than one occasion.

Growing hasn’t been going well at all this year. We had two lots of snow in March, never seen that before, which made seed sowing and germination late. The ground took ages to warm up and when it did, it basically baked ever since. I have had a pathetic amount of beans and managed to keep up with the supply of courgettes, in fact, I’ve been waiting for them to grow for the next meal at times, which is unbelievable! The only improvement this year has been the tomatoes which are in abundance and ripening quicker than I can pick them.

I don’t think I’m alone with these issues.

In other news this year, to explain my absence from the blog, I’ve been helping on my family’s farm, put my house on the market, hatched a chick, been on an awful lot of holidays to regain some sanity, made the brave step to try doing some freelance work on the side and finally, I’ve just bought a puppy. Each of these events is newsworthy in their own right, so now I’m back in the flow, expect to be bombarded with lots of updates!

I hope you’ve all had a great summer.