Unfortunately the chicken coop we’ve had for the last two years has become infested with red mite. We’ve tried everything to get rid of them, but we are finally defeated. So, time for a new house.

We went to Flytes So Fancy (http://www.flytesofancy.co.uk) and they had some absolutely amazing coops for sale, but, at the risk of having to throw it away in two years if we had another infestation, we decided we couldn’t justify the price. Their customer service and knowledge was excellent though, so I would certainly recommend them. Well worth a visit.

We decided to buy a simple coop from Feel Good Uk on Amazon, and painted it using Cuprinol wood paint. It was time consuming, but looks lovely. It has cost us £150 in total, which means if we do have another infestation, we can throw it away and start again. Here are our before and after pictures:

We also purchased diatomaceous earth from our local country store, John Bright (https://johnbrightfencing.com). Their customer service and knowledge is also excellent and I would recommend them to any locals in the Bridport area.

The diatomaceous earth is used in the chicken coop and the ground in the run to help prevent and kill any mites. We covered the insides of the new house and spent time landscaping and reorganising the run, before sprinkling a good coating of the earth. Here’s their new set up:

They loved going back in and spent hours dust bathing on the newly levelled ground. However, after a few hours it looked like land mines had gone off!

Bed time was a different story. They all queued up outside the new house, not knowing where to go. It got really dark, a few bravely went in, soon coming back out again!! Eventually all but one went to bed and we had to guide the last one in. There was an awful lot of banging and shuffling inside as they decided who was going to sleep where, but eventually they settled. The following night was easier.

Egg laying was also a fuss on the first morning, as they tried to decide which nest box they preferred, but eventually they got there!

Our girls are so spoilt!