You can’t beat going into the garden and gathering the veg you’ll eat for tea that day. Within an hour of being picked, it’s cooked and on the table.

So far, we’ve had some lovely meals using home grown produce including courgettes, radishes, mange tout, peas, green beans, lettuce, rocket, and of course, eggs.

I always enjoy wandering around the veg beds seeing what’s growing, working out what meal I could make with what is ready to use. Much more satisfying than walking around the supermarket. The first harvest is always the most exciting.

The cucumbers and butternut squash are growing nicely, and the tomatoes are waiting to turn red. Beetroot and sweetcorn isn’t looking as promising, but we’ll see. Courgettes, marrows and green beans are doing much better than last year.

I’m already starting to think about what I’m missing, what I should grow next year, what is working well and in which location etc. Gardening is such fun, and a never ending job too!

Below are a few of our daily harvests. We pick little and often, to ensure we eat it while fresh.