Yesterday was a big day for our girls, and for us! We let them out of their pen to free range in our garden.

Before now our garden wasn’t secure. But now we’ve had our gates and fence installed, our only security risk is the hedge, which we’ve put pallets along to stop the chickens getting through. 

So, we very nervously opened the gate, expecting them to run and scatter in all directions! But this was what actually happened…

They weren’t very adventurous at all! They stayed by the door for a long time, enjoying digging in the bark. They ventured around the garden a little bit, in a group, and after around an hour or so they took themselves back into their pen for a dustbath and nap so we closed the door again. Enough excitement for one day! 

I had such a proud mummy moment letting my girls out, worrying if they’ll be ok and what they make of it all!  Now we’ve done it once, we’ll do that every time we’re pottering around in the garden for a while. I’m not ready to leave them unsupervised yet, for their sake and my flower beds!!

This one makes me laugh… “Wait for me!!!”