I’ve decided to start actively looking for that needle in a hay stack.

The biggest hurdles I am facing are auctions, and Agricultural Occupancy Conditions (AOC). Auctions are a definite no for me. The AOC needs to be investigated. An estate agent has informed me that as long as I am planning to use the land for farming, and the fact I come from a farming family, I should meet the criteria, but I need to check with the local council. That’s action 1 on the to do list.

My mortgage adviser has said I need to investigate an agricultural mortgage, my current residential mortgage would not be appropriate. I’m waiting for an agricultural mortgage specialist to call me next week. That’s action 2.

I need to find the right property, in budget. Something with land (3-10 acres, preferably flat!). Something with a house/bungalow (3 bedrooms or more) and preferably outbuildings that could be converted into holiday lets. That’s action 3. I’ve booked a viewing for Saturday for somewhere that meets all of these criteria.

It’s tough though. A lot of work is involved before you even buy the place. And then that’s where the real hard work would begin. But I look forward to the challenge.

You don’t know if you can do it until you try.