So we have finally found our perfect smallholding.  We’ve been looking for a while and now there it is. 25 acres, an orchard (it was previously a fruit farm), a workshop we could turn into a farm shop and plenty of fields for a campsite.  It’s everything we’ve dreamed of. We’ve even planned where our chickens will live.
We’ve visited a few times, worked out what we could do where etc. It even made us teary. 

The problem…  It goes to auction in one month.  We can’t do auction.  We haven’t put our own house on the market as we weren’t expecting to find something so perfect yet, and even if it were on the market,  you can’t complete a house sale that quickly. On auction day, if you win, you have to put down a 10% deposit there and then. That will be around £50k in this scenario.  And complete the purchase within 28 days. Impossible.  

So the sad truth is we’ll have to watch this place be sold, and not to us. I don’t want to see what they turn it into, having imagined ourselves there. 

I had considered Crowdfunder to raise the money, but does that really work? Who would donate? If anyone has any suggestions or words of wisdom,  I’d really like to hear them. I’m feeling a little defeated.