Over the Easter weekend we finally finished building the chickens’ new home. It was a big project, slowed down by many weekends of awful weather,  but we got there in the end.

Their original home until now, was a run we cobbled together out of chicken wire and decking boards, which we dragged up to their house every day so they could run about. It worked well for what we needed at the time, but the girls had outgrown it and so had we.


They also had to be moved around the garden alot, as they destroyed our lawn, and moving the above contraption was hard work as it was so heavy.

So we decided to build a permanent enclosure for them to call home. And this is what we built….!


It’s great and the girls love it. It has a clear roof, so plenty of natural light, but protection from the rain (which we’ve had far too much of recently) and they can dig all they like.

For next to no DIY skills, we’re rather proud of it.

Since taking the picture, we’ve also added guttering along the edge and installed a water butt too!